Sincerely thank you to every friend who has followed Zhejiang Xuming Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Because of your understanding, trust, care and support, Xuming Technology has been able to steadily and rapidly develop.

Xuming Technology is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of AC contactors, molded case circuit breakers, leakage circuit breakers, intelligent universal circuit breakers, dual power automatic transfer switches, isolation switches, fire emergency starting devices, small circuit breakers, transformers, current and voltage meters, digital display meters, control and protection switches, surge protectors, capacitors, switch power supplies, button signal lights, and wiring terminals. The company's positioning is to become a leader in the research and manufacturing of high and low voltage electrical components, making positive contributions to the development of China's electricity industry.

Throughout these years of hard work, all employees of the company have adhered to the ancient motto of "embracing all rivers and accommodating is the greatest", always getting along closely with various manufacturers and user friends, sincere cooperation, sailing together through ups and downs, and sharing joys and sorrows. We are willing to travel with you through storms and difficulties together. We value and cherish each other's careers and friendships more. No matter when and where, all of our employees will spare no effort to devote themselves to their work and do their best to provide high-quality and reliable products and enthusiastic and satisfactory services to all friends, in order to achieve our mutual win-win and win-win situation.

Society is advancing, the market is changing, and we are also changing. Innovation is the core culture of our company. We will continue to move forward in denial, strive for excellence, constantly develop new products, innovate through the old, and comply with market trends.

Honesty and trustworthiness, determination to innovate, inclusiveness in all rivers, and inclusivity in all directions are our unremitting corporate principles. We will uphold this principle and continue to repay our customers with excellent quality and perfect service.