What is a dual power automatic transfer switch?

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A dual power transfer switch is a switch that automatically switches to another power source due to a power failure. Universal dual power switch is widely used in high-rise buildings, residential areas, airports, docks, fire protection, metallurgy, chemical industry, textiles and other important places where power outages are not allowed.

Mainly divided into ATS and STS. STS (Static Transfer Switch), static switch, also known as static transfer switch. For the automatic switching system of two-to-one power supply, the STS will automatically switch to the second circuit to supply power to the load after a circuit failure (provided that the second circuit is normal and basically synchronized with the circuit). If the second circuit fails, the STS will automatically switch to that circuit to supply power to the load (provided that the circuit is healthy and synchronized with the second circuit). It is suitable for continuous power conversion of any two power sources such as ups, ups generators, ups power supplies, and main power supplies. All of the above power supplies require a synchronization device to ensure basic synchronization of the two power supplies, otherwise the STS cannot switch.

static switch

It is mainly composed of intelligent control board, high-speed thyristor and circuit breaker. The standard switching time is ≤ 8ms, which will not cause the it load to lose power. It can not only supply power to the load reliably, but also ensure the safety of the STS when switching between different phases.

automatic transfer switch

Automatic transfer switchgear. ATS is mainly used in emergency power systems, automatically switching the load circuit from one power source to another (backup) power source to ensure continuous and reliable operation of important loads. The ATS is a mechanical structure with switching times over 100ms that cause the load to lose power. Suitable for lighting and motor loads.

The automatic transfer switch derived from the load switch adopts double-row composite contacts, transmission mechanism, micro-motor pre-energy storage and micro-electronic control technology, and basically realizes zero arc. The drive motor is a neoprene insulated damp heat motor, equipped with a safety device, which automatically trips when the temperature exceeds 110°C and overcurrent. After the fault disappears, it is automatically put into operation, which ensures the service life of the switch to a large extent.

Principle overview

1. Using double-row composite contacts, transverse mechanism, micro-motor pre-storage and micro-electronic control technology, basically realize zero arc (without arc extinguishing cover).

2. Adopt reliable mechanical interlocking and electrical interlocking technology.

3. Adopt zero-crossing technology.

4. With obvious switch position indication and padlock function, it can reliably isolate the power supply from the load, with high reliability and a service life of more than 8,000 times.

5. Mechatronics design, accurate, flexible and reliable switch, good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability, no external interference, high degree of automation.

6. The fully automatic type does not need any external control components, with beautiful appearance, small size and light weight. The logic control board manages the motors installed directly in the switch with different logics, and the moving operation of the gearbox ensures the position of the switch. The motor is neoprene insulated damp heat type. The motor is equipped with a safety device that trips when humidity and overcurrent exceed 110°C. After the fault disappears, it is automatically put into operation, and the reversible reducer adopts spur gears.